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Our Saved by Silk collection is the ultimate in luxury pillowcases. Crafted in A6 Grade high quality 22 momme Mulberry silk, Saved by Silk offers incomparable softness and long lasting comfort.

Say Hello & Sweet Dreams with Our Amazing Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.

We spend approximately 33% of our lives sleeping, and we often don’t pay attention to the  quality and health of our bed linen until we can't sleep, or when we wake up looking like a  hot mess. 

100% Mulberry Silk

Anti bacterial

Odour Resistant

Why Saved By Silk


Have you ever had a bad hair day? During sleep, we naturally toss and turn. This causes  long strands of your hair to tug and pull causing friction. If you have frizzy hair, textured  hair, or you just want to have soft, shiny, smooth hair, our Saved by Silk pillowcases contain  natural proteins and have an ultra-smooth texture which allows your hair to glide without  any friction, helping prevent the frizz, tangles and breakage that often occur with sleeping  on cotton pillowcases. 


Do you have acne-prone or problem skin? Our Saved by Silk pillowcases contain 18 amino  acids and can help to reduce the effects of aging by not absorbing the natural oils of your skin or product. By sleeping on 100% natural silk material, you will notice a dramatic  improvement in skin inflammation and hydration, while reducing creases and fine lines,  leaving you with a beautiful, glowing face. 


Are you allergic to dust or dust-mites? Unlike cotton which traps heat and harbours dust  mites and allergens, our Saved by Silk pillowcases will help you breathe easier with their  temperature-regulating, bacteria and odour resistant properties which repels dust mites,  

fungus, mould and other harmful allergens which can be caused by cotton and other  synthetic fibres.  


It is completely normal for us to sweat while sleeping. However, we often sweat more due  to environmental and hormonal factors, which makes sleeping uncomfortable and restless. Our Mulberry silk is produced from thin and strong interwoven fibres creating millions of air  pockets to regulate temperature and promote natural moisture wicking abilities, allowing sweat to quickly evaporate from the silk fibres. 


Each of our Saved by Silk pillowcases are machine-washable on a gentle cycle in cold water  with silk-friendly detergent and air dry.

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  • Hypoallergenic

  • Promotes Healthy Skin & Hair

  • Anti-Ageing Benefits

  • Chemical & Irritant Free