What if we told you that we have found the solution to make the most peaceful hours of  your night a rejuvenating and restorative experience for your hair, lashes, skin and overall health? 

With a 20+ year career in beauty, fitness and health

Our customers kept asking us why their  skin is dry, their lashes and hair is always a mess when they wake up, and why they continue  to have allergies and breakouts resulting in an unwanted ageing appearance. 

In a world where beauty sleep is such a luxury.

We went on a mission to research simple and  easy ways for our customers to improve their wellbeing, while they sleep. 

To our surprise, the solution wasn’t a cup of chamomile tea before bed. In fact, we took it a  step further and actually slept on it, and we uncovered the hidden truths behind silk blends  and other materials, including satin and synthetic pillowcases, bamboo and cotton  pillowcases, which we all sleep on. We discovered that Mulberry silk is considered the  cleanest, highest quality material we can rest our head on to improve health, beauty, and  wellness.  

And in true fairy-tale fashion, we were Saved by Silk!